New goal for Viridis Energia S.p.A. – Winning synergy with Espe SpA and WE plan Group.

| Ancona 17.01.2024| – Viridis Energia S.p.A., a consolidated producer of energy from renewable sources in synergy with Espe s.p.A, one of the main EPC contractors at national level and the historic partner We Plan Group, is proud to announce the completion of a major redevelopment project for a disused industrial area in the municipality of Montagnana (PD), through the construction of a photovoltaic park with a nominal power of 8 mwp, connected to the electricity grid since December 2023.

Thanks to the use of mono-axial trackers, the annual production will be of c.a. 13.50 Wh and will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 6970 tons per year, transforming a previously unused land, a valid resource for the containment of energy costs in full respect of environmental sustainability. In other words it is as if we had planted about 349 trees, estimating that on average a tree can absorb about 20 kg CO2/year.

This project has been developed completely “in-house” by the team of Viridis Energia using the support and advice of We Plan Group for the works management and, subsequently, of ESPE S.p.A. for the realization part.

The realization of this important investment in the ESG area has been possible thanks to the support of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, which has provided a green loan on a project financing basis of 5 million. The photovoltaic system has also joined the GSE auctions pursuant to the D.M. FER 2019, ensuring a direct benefit to the community through an extremely competitive electricity price compared to fossil fuels.

For Viridis Energy is a further step in the direction of completing its industrial objectives and confirms the Group’s ability both in technical and financial terms to develop and complete new initiatives in the field of electricity generation from sources renewable; It also demonstrates how economic and environmental interests can be combined, creating a future in which both economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.