monitoraggio impianti fotovoltaici

Photovoltaic plant monitoring: new technologies

Solar energy is one of the world’s most promising renewable energy sources, and photovoltaic energy is an increasingly popular technology for generating green power. With the increase in demand for solar energy, it is not only panels, inverters, and collection systems that are becoming increasingly important: technologies for monitoring photovoltaic systems are becoming more and […]
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industria fotovoltaica

The European Photovoltaic Industry Alliance: 320 GW by 2025

Good news for the renewable energy sector! As of 9 December 2022, the European Commission has officially decided to launch the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance in Brussels. The goal of the European Union with the support of the Alliance is to reach 320 GW of production capacity by 2025. This will also create new […]
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Installazione impianto fotovoltaico

Photovoltaic system installation: how much do you pay in your bill?

Today, there is a lot of talk about installing photovoltaic systems on one’s home, business premises or even on suitable land. Technologies of this kind would both enable the much sought-after ecological transition of decarbonising energy production and keep electricity costs down. Does photovoltaic system installation really save money? What are the billing costs of […]
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impianto fotovoltaico

Renewable energy and photovoltaics: what will change from 2023

News from the world of renewables: 2023 will see the extension of the Superbonus, but with some changes. What are they? Our country has experienced a surge in electricity prices, leading citizens, producers, and institutions to look for new solutions to reduce the impact of high electricity prices. At the heart of the goals for […]
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Impianto fotovoltaico su terreno agricolo

The photovoltaic system on agricultural land: what you need to know

Photovoltaic system on agricultural land is an investment of interest to many landowners today. Often these areas do not prove particularly profitable for cultivation, and it is necessary to use them in other ways. This form of investment works is straightforward: the land owner must first find an investor like Viridis and let him assess […]
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Is photovoltaic with batteries cheaper than nuclear power?

In recent years the attention of everyone – individuals, companies, governments – has shifted to the issue of sustainability. The goal is to live in comfort and well-being, with products at our fingertips, smart appliances, efficient supplies. However, human comforts should not harm the environment. This raises the question of how to behave sustainably without […]
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affitto terreno per fotovoltaico

What are the Advantages of land rental for photovoltaics?

Renting land for photovoltaics is a profitable business that is becoming increasingly popular. If you own unused land, rather than selling it or leaving it unused, it is better to allocate it to an activity that is useful for the planet and brings some income. How does ground rent for photovoltaics work? How much do […]
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