Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement

Stop your energy bill: agree green PPA.

The Viridis Energia Group proposes a new sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for companies: the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

With our PPA, we offer a stable supply of renewable energy at a competitive price and with corresponding guarantees of origin. This means that every company can take advantage of the benefits of clean energy and reduce operating costs without having to worry about high installation and maintenance costs and at the same time be part of the virtuous companies that follow the best practices regarding the new EU 2040 targets.

Contact us today for more information about our PPA and start your journey to a more sustainable energy future while making a difference to the planet.

Unlock Your Company's Sustainable Potential with the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Sustainable energy has become a priority for large companies looking to reduce carbon emissions and improve their environmental reputation. With the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), companies can obtain a reliable source of renewable energy, while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of the planet and their own profitability.

Benefits of PPA for Companies.

PPA offers a number of benefits to large companies looking to take a more sustainable approach to energy management. These include:

Implementation of the PPA

Implementing a PPA is a simple and straightforward process designed to offer a reliable renewable energy supply to businesses. Steps include:


Positive Impact on Business

In addition to the environmental benefits, PPA also offers a positive impact on business operations, including:

A unique opportunity for large companies

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) represents a unique opportunity for large companies to unlock their sustainable potential by reducing energy costs and demonstrating a concrete commitment to the environment. Contact us today to find out how PPA can transform your company into a leader in environmental and business sustainability.

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For more information and to start a discussion about PPA for your company, please contact us at ppa@viridisenergia.com or phone at  +39 071 9715510