Relations with local communities


Energy transition as a way of enhancing the territory

One of Viridis Energia’s priorities is to create and maintain an maintain a constant and constructive dialogue with the dialogue with the communities in which our renewable energy plants are located. We therefore pay the utmost attention to institutional relations with local authorities, but also to local communities and individual stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved with our projects.

Corporate objectives

  The ways in which we relate to the local area are varied, and do not follow a rigid pattern, but rather adapt to specific local needs and peculiarities. The spirit that unites them is to create social wellbeing, to increase local culture and awareness of environmental sustainability and renewable energy issues, and to make people aware of the added value that our projects bring both to the local economy (including through the creation of direct jobs and qualified suppliers) and to the wider environment.

Open day

We promote and encourage the opening of our facilities to the public for educational and informative guided tours, providing staff support and ad hoc documentary material.

The message

The key message we are trying to convey is that renewable energy installations are not only a great development opportunity for local areas, but also a responsible contribution by local communities to safeguard the environment around us.

Training activities

Information and educational activities, particularly aimed at schools, are some of the main activities we carry out in the area. Similarly, we stimulate and support information and training events aimed at raising awareness about the so-called Green Economy.