Rent or sell your land

What are we looking for and what characteristics should your land have?

Thanks to the financial strength and the deep experience gained in the development, construction and management of large scale utility projects, Viridis Energia is a reliable partner to contribute to the energy transition of our country.

Area of at least
5 hectares

Continuity of the plot

Possibly flat

As regular as possible in shape

Che caratteristiche deve avere il tuo terreno?

We are active throughout the Italian territory.

We work throughout the national territory
with a greater focus on the following regions:

We take care of everything.
From project to management.

Step 1

Fill out the form and tell us the extent of the site and its location: we will examine the suitability to build a renewable plant.

Step 2

You will be contacted by our team to receivean evaluation of your land.

How much can your land be worth?

Tell us your land and we will evaluate if it has all the necessary characteristics and requirements
to be transformed into a source capable of producing electricity in a sustainable way.

    We answer your questions

    Yes, we are also interested in purchasing.

    Prices depend a lot on the adequacy of the land and of course on the size of the project. In general, rents or rather land-use contracts start at around € 2,500 per hectare per year but can rise depending on the characteristics mentioned above.

    The following areas must be excluded: wooded areas, less than 300 meters from the sea or 150 meters from a watercourse, areas in a site of archaeological or historical interest, within a National Park, in a dedicated area to nature conservation or within the borders of the Natura 2000 European Ecological Network.

    Regarding the surface: we are looking for land from 5 hectares upwards but we can also evaluate smaller surfaces, if particularly interesting.

    Slopes of more than 10% should be avoided.

    After sending, you will be contacted if the information is not sufficient for the purposes of the evaluation. On the contrary, the constraints on the ground and the connection to the electricity grid will be analyzed. In case of positive evaluation, we will send you a preliminary contract proposal for the stipulation of a surface right or the purchase of the property.

    If you opt for the surface right, the plant will be removed at the end of its useful life.

    No. Our projects provide for complete reversibility thanks to the use of beaten piles without reinforced concrete. However, the operation of a photovoltaic system does not include the use or production of hazardous materials, gases, or chemical agents that can damage your land. During the construction phase, the impact on the ground will be moderate and temporary.

    Absolutely not! One of the great advantages of a photovoltaic system when compared to other power plants, such as coal-fired power plants, is that it does not emit any harmful substance into the air, soil or water. Furthermore, it does not produce noise or lights, nor does it release any kind of radiation.

    You can have a good income, stable for the entire duration of the surface rights contract or prefer, in the case of a sale, immediate and greater valorisation. Furthermore, by renting your land for the construction of a clean and renewable energy plant, you will contribute to the conservation of the environment, helping to fight climate change and global warming.