Installazione impianto fotovoltaico

Photovoltaic system installation: how much do you pay in your bill?

Today, there is a lot of talk about installing photovoltaic systems on one’s home, business premises or even on suitable land. Technologies of this kind would both enable the much…
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impianto fotovoltaico

Renewable energy and photovoltaics: what will change from 2023

News from the world of renewables: 2023 will see the extension of the Superbonus, but with some changes. What are they? Our country has experienced a surge in electricity prices,…
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installazione pannelli fotovoltaici

Photovoltaic panel installation: why it pays off and how much you can save

Today, there is a lot of talk about sustainability, especially in the face of the climate crisis and rising bills. If you own a home or business, you have to…
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Premio Innovazione Smau 2022

Innovation Award Smau 2022. Viridis Energia and the project with Janux: A winning challenge

Passion for one’s work always pays off. On 12 October, the SMAU trade fair in Milan, one of the main events in Italy dealing with information and communication technologies, took…
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fotovoltaico su terreno agricolo

Photovoltaic system on agricultural land: eligibility requirements

Installing a photovoltaic system on agricultural land is an excellent investment. In fact, it allows owners to earn more than EUR 2000 per hectare each year. The important thing is…
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Impianto fotovoltaico su terreno agricolo

The photovoltaic system on agricultural land: what you need to know

Photovoltaic system on agricultural land is an investment of interest to many landowners today. Often these areas do not prove particularly profitable for cultivation, and it is necessary to use…
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