Premio Innovazione Smau 2022

Innovation Award Smau 2022. Viridis Energia and the project with Janux: A winning challenge

Passion for one’s work always pays off. On 12 October, the SMAU trade fair in Milan, one of the main events in Italy dealing with information and communication technologies, took place. In collaboration with the innovative startup Janux, we at Viridis Energia won the Innovation Award Smau 2022.

We could not be more satisfied with an award obtained after so much work. A goal achieved with everyone’s commitment.

What does the project put together with Janux consist of? It stems from the need to maintain high levels of plant productivity. This involves constant monitoring of the performance and unavailability of each production site.

Whereas previously, the control activity was carried out by an operator, today, through this project, it is possible to use rotating propeller drones designed to acquire high-resolution thermograms of photovoltaic plants with the aim of bypassing the acquisition phase of I-V curves (yield measurements) through software based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that allows an immediate estimation of production losses.

We at Viridis Energia have found in Janux a complementary resource to meet this challenge best. Janux is a startup operating in the fields of aerodynamics, computational thermo-fluid dynamics and the application of drones to support existing activities

The benefits of such an approach are manifold, both for us at Viridis Energia and for the industry, as it represents a fundamental innovation that will make it possible to have as much information as possible on both the productivity and the defectiveness of a plant, in a much shorter timeframe than in the past.

Read the Innovation Award Card Innovation Award Smau 2022, in which SMAU presents our company’s success story.

Download the PDF here.

Live Show, Streaming the event Innovation Award Smau 2022 (minute 48:30).