Relations with local communities

One of the priorities of Viridis Energia is to create and maintain on-going and constructive relations with the communities in which our renewable energy plants are located. We therefore dedicate great attention to institutional relations with territorial bodies, but also with local communities and individual stakeholders, whom we involve – either directly or indirectly – in our projects.

Relations with the local territory take on many forms and do not follow a rigid scheme, but rather adapt to specific needs and local contexts. These relations all share the common will to create social well-being, increase culture and local awareness regarding environmental sustainability and renewable energy sources, enhance perception of how our projects can benefit the local economy (also through the creation of direct jobs and a network of qualified allied suppliers) and the environment at large.

The key message we seek to convey is that renewable energy plants – besides constituting a significant opportunity for the territory’s development – can offer a responsible aid to local communities in safeguarding the surrounding environment.

Informative and training activities, in particular those aimed at schools, are among the main activities we undertake in the territory. At the same time, we promote and support training and information initiatives geared towards spreading full awareness of the so-called ‘green economy’.

In this context, we promote and encourage the opening of our plants to the public for didactic and informative guided tours, while providing support with personnel and specific documentation.