Our approach

VIRIDIS ENERGIA is an integrated renewable energy operator capable of developing and managing – either directly or with the aid of its strategic partners – all the main phases of the industrial value chain.

Through a structured scouting and verification procedure, we identify the best locations in which to install our renewable energy plants. We carefully assess a wide range of factors and restrictions which lead us to identify the best available site for the project.

Site selection

With the aid of the local network manager, we verify the possibility of connecting the plant to the national power grid.


With the aid of partners and external consultants, we develop the final project, which is necessary for obtaining the relevant permits and for the subsequent implementation phase.

Advanced design

We submit to the relevant bodies the permit request and any requests for opinions regarding the construction and subsequent running of the renewable energy plant.


On the basis of the permit, we define specifications or requests for modifying the executive design or the detailed design to be able to proceed with the project.

Detailed design

We award the contract to a contractor with proven experience and reliability with the turnkey formula (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction).


We structure a financing operation for the project with leading banking institutions according to the project finance logic on a non-recourse basis.

Project Finance

We constantly supervise the EPC contractor throughout the construction phase, so as to monitor and guarantee compliance with the deadlines, scheduled costs and quality standards.


We rigorously oversee the testing and commissioning phases to verify compliance with the contractually agreed performances and technical features.


We manage and maintain the plant in order to ensure optimal technical, economic and environmental performance.

Operations & Maintenance

We guarantee constant compliance with the covenants defined in the financing agreement, in addition to the production of reports and analyses on the project's progress.

Loan Compliance

We sell on the electrical market the energy produced in our facilities.

Energy sale