For Viridis Energia, the health and safety of personnel employed in its offices and production facilities top the company’s list of strategies and priorities.

In order to promote a culture of safety and sensitise its widespread implementation in each of the company’s activities, all personnel – both employees and workers – was subjected to an intense and specific HSE training programme; in this way, the company aims to achieve and maintain the target of zero accidents, zero professional diseases, zero environmental accidents and zero impact on local communities.

To this aim, detailed and rigorous risk assessments were conducted in all environments, offices and photovoltaic and biogas plants, while systematic assessments were conducted on risks involving external contractors; in accordance with the internal policy, all aspects regarding HSE issues are timely and thoroughly documented in written form.

The stringent document drafting process is accompanied by an equally rigorous technical management process, based on standardised operating procedures and instructions, such as those governing access to sites, emergency management and activities carried out in neighbouring areas or in explosive environments.
In order to maintain excellence and the aforementioned high quality standards, the company invests in various HSE training activities, both of a general nature concerning workplace safety regulations (namely Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) as well as specific theoretical-practical courses focusing on electrical works or use of handling equipment; training activities are conducted by recognised bodies and are periodically updated according to the regulatory provisions.

Moreover, all operating personnel and certain employees have been trained on specific issues regarding first-aid and emergency management.